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FMX Conference 2012
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Project page "Globosome"

Project page "Lindwurm"

Based on Sascha Gedderts diploma project Globosome, it was decided to create a festival trailer based upon the first half of the short film, being fully screened in stereoscopic 3D throughout the festival.
As I had already been involved in the project in a more supportive role in both comp (primarily stereo-based) and 3D work, I ended up co-creating multiple 3D shots with the director, and later taking on full responsability as Stereoscopic Lead for both the movie and the trailer, including the additional stereoscopic promo materials for the festival.
Prior to the festival, imagery and footage of the trailer was used extensively for promotional purposes in different sorts of media all around the world.

Apart from the trailer, multiple presentations are held at the FMX which I am participating in, regarding the 3D and stereoscopic work on Globosome and the resulting trailer, as well as the VFX/animation work on the ITFS trailer Lindwurm.

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