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- Andreas Feix - Eclipse FX - Citipati

CITIPATI Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

150+ festivals & 40+ awards (selection):
14th Annual VES Awards (2016)- Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project
44th Annie Awards - Best Student Film

SIGGRAPH 2016 Electronic Threatre - Official Selection
Animago Award 2016 - Nominee (Best Short Film)
First Steps Awards 2016 - Nominee (Shorts & Animations)
AEAF 2016 - Gold (Student Films)
International Student Film & Video Festival Beijing - Outstanding International Student Film Award
WebTN TV New Film Festival 2016 - Best Student Film
Spark Animation 2016: Special Mention - VFX
Art Futura 2016 - Official Selection
Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 2016 - Official Selection
Viborg Animation Festival 2016 - Nominee x2 (Staff Pick & Audience Award)

A small dinosaur, upon drawing his last breath before dying, attempts to cope with the traumatic experience, namely the cataclysm caused by the meteorite, which led to his demise.

This film, which is also my graduation project at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, is fully CG-animated stereoscopic short, created primarily in 3ds Max & Nuke. The dinosaur, complete with procedual rigging, muscle deformations and hair simulations had to be animated under a very tight schedule, occasionally up to 30 seconds per week. On the other hand, the extensive amount of effects simulation work was handled using a combination of rigid bodies, dynamic particles and fluids, which totaled to over 300+ FX simulations throughout the entire short.
Most of the creative choices were put directly into the compositing package, making extensive use of multi-channel renders, data channels and custom made node groups.
Some shots contained over 4500 nodes in order to handle over 320 render elements, multiplied twice for the stereoscopic renders.

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