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- Andreas Feix - Eclipse FX - ITFS Lindwurm

ITFS-TRAILER „LINDWURM“ Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Siggraph Computer Animation Festival 2013 - Official Selection
Siggraph Asia 2012 Animation Theater - Official Selection
Animafest Zaghreb 2014 - Official Selection
Anima Mundi Brazil 2013 - Official Selection
Stuttgarter Kurzfilmwinter 2013 / 2 Minutes Short Film Student Award - Official Selection
8th Tehran Int. Animation Festival 2013 - Official Selection
Blitz Film 2012 - Official Selection
Bradford Animation Film Festival 2012 - Official Selection
7th Anim´est IAFF Bukarest - Official Selection
AnifestROZAFA2012 - Official Selectiony
Lange Stuttgart Nacht 2012

- - - - -
Once the natural history museum closes down for the night and the guards disappear, a little dragon wakes up to discover a very special fossil hidden in the deep...

While the project had a rather difficult pre-production with multiple story revisions, and a tenacious shooting at the Natural History Museum in Stuttgart, the more intense body of work dealt with the creation of a catsized "lindworm" (or "wyrmling") and its more naturalistic creature behaviour in combination with character-driven motifs.
The work on the dragon, as it had to be integrated into live-action plates, required a step up from the rather surreal work in Terra Sancta in every aspect: Sculpting, rigging, animation, rendering and compositing all increased in detail and complexity. Special care was put into the rigging to automate more dynamic portions of the body such as the tail and wings, in order to speed up animation time; and the shading of the dragon was dealt with exclusively during compositing to allow more flexibility.
About half of the footage in the trailer was either manipulated or 3D-reprojected for additional fixes and camera movements in post.

The trailer itself, as being part of the ITFS festival, is regularly screened throughout the entire festival period along with those of fellow students and colleagues.

In 2013 the trailer was licensed to become the official trailer for the Dragon Days 2013 in Stuttgart.

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