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- Andreas Feix - Eclipse FX - Bela Kiss

Bela Kiss MirrorMaze GmbH
Directed by Lucien Förstner

Retelling the classic tale of the mass murderer Bela Kiss as a modern horror story, a character recalls an encounter with Death himself during a near-death experience in a flashback, as a result of getting shot.

For the 3-shot sequence, production provided a bluescreen element as well as a 3D asset of the alley where the scene takes place.
In order to portray the Grim Reaper himself, not only was I tasked with the character himself (originally based on a more classic interpretation), but the workload included extensive amounts of cloth simulations, dynamic particle simulations as well as fluid simulations, in order to give the character an otherworldly appearance and influence on the environment.
Compositing also required some delicate blending of multiple bluescreen takes of the actor, depending on the camera angle.

In the end, the entire sequence was in production for about 3,5 months.

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