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- Andreas Feix - Eclipse FX - Lichtjahre

Lichtjahre Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Directed by Florian Knittel

An austronaut increasingly has nightmares of his death, a few days, It gets worse when the nightmares and the real world continue to mingle more & more, and he must face the truth that some of his nightmares have already become reality...

Next to providing VFX consulting and part-time vfx set supervision, my main task was to animate a zero-g water drop, as well as simulate its interaction with the surroundings.
Based on a simple geometry base, the simulation was carried out in Realflow, rendered in mental ray and composited in Nuke, allowing for swirling motion and even personal contact in a pivotal scene.
Very late in the post production I also worked on the opening shot, creating several transtitions between multiple planetary elements & footage which were rendered in different software packages.

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