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- Andreas Feix - Eclipse FX - Einsicht aus Kinderaugen

(Ein-)Sicht aus Kinderaugen Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Directed by Cynthia Collins

2 girls, one from Israel and the other from Palestine, are both deeply affected by the civil war of their countries, as well as their families.
The film's sylistic approach combines both newsreel footage as well as 2D & 3D animation in order to tell some of the events from the girls' point of view.

While the director took care of the 2D hand-drawn animation, I collaborated again with colleague Constantin Päplow, who modelled the characters, on the 3D animation part, sharing the workload of character animation between Maya & 3ds max as well as then developing the look in the compositing & then tackling the majority of comp work.
The goal was to animate & render with avery simplified, cartoony look, yet creating a very gritty composite in the end, utilizing hand-painted backgrounds and textures.

(Another task included digitally erasing some copyright signs from the news footage - simply for aesthetic reasons :)... )

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