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(photo by Jana Englaender)

Beyond 3D festival 2012

w/ Francesco Faranna at the 14th Annual VES Awards
(Best Visual Effects in a Student Project)

- Who am I?

Probably it all started back in the days of childhood, while trying to bring brick-shaped toys to life using a digital camera and the magical techniques they called "stop-motion animation" and creating tales of LEGOs at the age of 14.
But soon even the most simple animation would require some crude FX work, and the digital effects began to take over.
Today, things are a bit different.

Having graduated from the Animation Institute of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in 2015, I'm a Digital Compositor& 3D Generalist, with additional experience in both 3D character animation and stereoscopic 3D work.

So far the practical experience - apart from my personal work & experimenting - includes commercial, student & feature film work, with a variety of tasks & challenges, taking on both lead & supporting roles in creation of digital content.
Based upon the involvement in certain projects and software techniques, I've also given a few presentations & courses at a selection of conferences and conventions.

Notable examples might include working at companies such as Unexpected Gmbh, Pixomondo, MPC & ILM, my own student work which includes "Lindwurm"(the official Dragon Days Festival trailer) & "Citipati", which won both a VES Award in 2016 & an Annie Award in 2017, as well as receiving a second VES Award for the participation in the commercial "John Lewis - #Buster The Boxer".

Currently I am also an official member of the Visual Effects Society.



-___Autodesk 3ds Max (8+ years)
- mental ray + V-Ray
(intermediate experience)
- FumeFX & Thinking Particles (beginner level)
-___Andersson SynthEyes (4 years)
-___Autodesk Mudbox (2 years)
-___Next Limit Realflow (1 year)


-___The Foundry Nuke (6+ years)
-___Adobe After Effects (8+ years)
-___Adobe Photoshop (9+ years)

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